‘HU NARENDER MODI BANAVA MANGU CHU’ is a Gujarati Movie on a teenager who admires Hon’ PM of India as his Role Model and Wants to be like Mr. Narendra Modi and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. This film is inspirational and motivational film based on how a tea-seller boy fights with all negativity in life and how passionately he achieves his goal. This is a children’s film inspired by childhood of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. A social drama film, it’s a story of a child and his struggle and journey to be a legend. The film shares a very positive story of mankind and struggle. It is to be a two part film. Anil Naryani directing and written the story too. Pawan Poddar, Tanya Sharma are producer this film. The cast consist of Karan patel as a Narendra, Omkardas manikpuri as Narendra’s Father, Ansha sayed as Narendra’s Mother and Hiral Patel is Narendra’s Sister. Raaj Bharti is the Music director.