How to win an overseas lottery jackpot from India


Have you ever wished that you could play international lotteries such as Megamillions, Powerball, or Euromillions? If yes, then you’re in luck since you can participate in international lotteries from India. Participating in international lotteries increases your chances of winning the larger jackpot than you would when playing local lotteries.

Never shy off from taking your chance of winning the Powerball or Mega Millions with the assumption that you may never hit the jackpot. These games have enough prizes to go around and create equal chances for both local and international players. Besides, accessing these games is easy since Lottoland lets you play the lottery online from India.

Is it Legal to Play Overseas Lotteries from India?

There have been many instances of foreigners winning international lotteries. However, sometimes it’s possible to question the legality of playing overseas lotteries from India. Well, there’s no harm in participating. You only have to ensure that you purchase the lottery tickets legally from the official website.

Tips to Win an Overseas Lottery Jackpot

Winning international lotteries from India is easy if you follow the following tips.

Pick Lotteries with Higher Chances of Winning

Despite the high number of lotteries, some give you better chances of striking the jackpot than others. Therefore, take your time to analyze different lotteries and choose the ones that the odds have odds stacked in your favor.

For instance, you may never win the Powerball and Megamillions since their winning odds are extremely low. Instead, take on smaller scratch games that have higher chances of winning.

Join a Lottery Syndicate

There’s no better way to make your dream of winning the jackpot come true than joining a syndicate. Gauging from previous winnings, most lottery jackpots are won by syndicates, hence making them join a syndicate. Unlike playing solo, a syndicate gives you a chance to play more games and buy more tickets without spending too much.

With online lotteries, you don’t have to struggle to look for people to create a syndicate with. The lotto site has syndicates available and you can choose which one to join. Then make your contributions, and the system will automatically deposit the share of your winnings in your account when you win a jackpot.

Online syndicates with people from various parts of the world eliminate the cases where one syndicate member is kicked out of the syndicate one week to the jackpot.

Pick Games that Offer Second Chances

All games are not equal and there are some that give you a second chance of winning by offering a lesser prize. Such lotteries will give you a prize if you match four or three numbers correctly. Going for such lotteries increases your odds of winning.

If you’ve chosen such a game, don’t throw your ticket away before confirming your numbers. You might be surprised to learn that you have actually won something little!

Stick to Your Lucky Numbers

Winning the lottery is a matter of pure luck. If you have a set of lucky numbers that mean something to you, by all means, stick to them. Also, make sure you play regularly as there’s nothing as bad forgetting to buy a ticket only to see your lucky numbers won that week’s jackpot. If you can’t manage to play regularly, make sure when you do, you buy as many tickets as you can to increase your odds.

Choose Numbers that Over 31

Playing numbers that are over 31 one doesn’t increase your chances of winning, but if you happen to win, you will win a lot of cash. The reason is that many people tend to pick their birth dates and anniversaries when playing the lottery. When such a number wins, the cash is split among several winners in which case, you get little cash. Alternatively, you can use Quick Picks to help you choose random numbers.

Time when to Buy Your Ticket

Some people believe that timing when to purchase your ticket increases your chances of hitting the jackpot. Although this is not mathematically proven, statistics show that tickets bought on Friday evening win the jackpots most of the time. So next time you’re going to buy your ticket, try the timing tip and you might just be the next winner.

Bottom Line

Winning the international lottery from India is possible. Follow the above tips and you might be booking your next flight to collect your jackpot!