How Much Can a Dealer Earn in Live Casinos?


If you like to try your luck at brick-and-mortar casinos, chances are you’ve explored online games as well. Live casinos bring the gambling experience straight to your mobile device. You even get to have a real-life dealer. If you’re curious about how much they make and what the job’s like, you’ll find most of your answers here.

Our expert author, Samuel Richardson from Play Online Casino, specialises in casino operations. If you’re interested in becoming a live dealer, but want to know about your potential income first, we’ve got you covered. He’ll explain the pros of being a live casino dealer and how much you could earn on any given day.  

How Much Do Live Dealers Make?

The answer to this question depends on factors, like where you live, the wage laws, and if you’re allowed to receive tips. Here are the two ways a live casino dealer can earn an income.


According to, the average casino dealer makes £8.78 per hour, not including tips. In the US, dealers are paid minimum wage but often live off of tips. This applies to all table games, such as blackjack, poker and baccarat.  


If you’re in a country that allows tipping, like the US, you’re expected to make most of your income off of it. Up until recently, it was illegal to tip in UK casinos. While it’s allowed, it’s not mandatory to tip dealers. It’s often the winner of the table that tips, but it’s up to their discretion.

The Advantages of Being A Live Dealer

Doesn’t Require Much Math Or Educational Background

If you’re bad at math, you still have a chance to become a live dealer because (unlike most land-based casinos), all calculations are done for you beforehand. Training only lasts a couple of weeks, so all you truly need to do is show up, work hard and be professional. 

Generous Tips

Similar to brick-and-mortar casinos, players enjoy tipping the dealer when they win at the table. Depending on how much their winnings are, you can expect to earn 1% to 5% of it.

Flexible Hours

Like their land-based counterpart, online casinos also operate 24 hours, seven days a week. That means you have a wider variety of shifts available, but with longer breaks and a more straightforward process to take time off.

No Crowds or Smoking

Some land-based venues, like US-based casinos, allow smoking indoors. Many prospective dealers may find this offputting, for many reasons. On the other hand, if you’re in the UK (where there’s a smoking ban), you may prefer the tranquility of being broadcasted online versus rather than dealing with rowdy or loud guests.

The Disadvantages of Being A Liver Dealer

Minimum Wage

It was mentioned earlier that a live dealer earns an average of £8.78 per hour before tips. That alone isn’t enough for many people, and it can be discouraging for those that want a higher fixed pay.

Training Course and Licence Fees

Another downside is that the required job training and licencing is for your account. You’ll have to cover the croupier training course, as well as the licencing from the UK Gambling Commission.

Highly Appearance-Based Occupation

You don’t have to be a Robert Pattinson to work as a liver dealer. However, you always have to look your best, as you’ll have cameras and close-ups capturing you at every angle. 


Becoming a live dealer is an exciting job prospect for many to consider, especially when you weigh up the pros and cons of it.

Now that you know how much a live dealer makes and what their job entails, it can help you decide if it’s the right career path for you. When the players win big, so do you.