We all try to make steps towards living healthy, happy lifestyles, be it through changing our diets, getting more exercise, or spending more time outdoors. While most people recognise these as concrete steps we can take to improve our health and wellbeing, fewer people think about the kinds of adjustments they can make to where they sleep to improve physical health.

The NHS ranks our sleeping habits as one of the most important contributing factors to our health and happiness, meaning that getting a good night’s sleep should be just as high a priority for you as ensuring you’re eating your five-a-day. A proven way to boost your health and wellbeing is with a new mattress, yet few people invest in one, with the average person holding onto a mattress for over a decade.
Investing in a new mattress can bring quick and lasting benefits to your wellbeing. Here’s how.

Improving Sleep Quality 

The first and most obvious benefit of a new mattress is that it immediately improves the quality of your sleep. Older mattresses tend to be stiffer, lumpier, and harder to relax in, making it more difficult to get a consistent night’s sleep. A new mattress, especially those with built-in comfort features such as Furniture Village mattresses from brands like Silentnight and Hypnos, will allow you to get your sleeping patterns back on track and ensure that you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day.

Fighting Aches and Pains 

Too few people consider how their body pains may be linked to their sleeping arrangements. The Spine Health Institute recognises a strong link between mattresses and back pain. A mattress with the right level of support will adapt to the natural curve of your spine and reduce the aches you may be feeling during the day.

Source: Pixabay

Reducing Allergy Symptoms 

An often-overlooked issue with old mattresses is that they tend to harbour years’ worth of dust, bacteria, and irritants that are very difficult to wash out. Mould and dust mites are notorious for entrenching themselves deep within older mattresses, which in turn can result in much higher levels of reactions and irritation among allergy sufferers. If you’re particularly sensitive, you should consider changing your mattress as often as possible.

Enhancing Wellbeing 

A new mattress has the potential to improve sleep, reduce allergy symptoms, and correct aches and pains. All of this should be a substantial boost for your emotional and mental wellbeing. You’ll be able to enjoy improved focus as a result of better sleep, as well as a more general wellbeing that comes with not being in constant discomfort throughout the day. A deep, comfortable night’s sleep has been proven to work as an effective anti-depressant, so it’s vital to ensure you’re taking all of the necessary steps to sleep healthily.

Buying a new mattress is a small investment when you consider the potential health benefits on a mental, emotional, and physical side of things, so consider if you’re in need of one to boost your wellbeing.