In the contemporary world we dwell in, knowing how to brand ourselves is an art. Branding is not restricted to mainstream companies only. It all begins from personal image that an individual portrays and is quintessential for all major professions and structures. With the advent of innumerable technological modalities, Personal Branding has taken a new shape. While many believe the concept involves mere social media marketing; it is in true sense, more than presenting one’s brand image on internet portals.

Personal branding involves a much deeper and intensive bandwidth of factors and when all the essential factors successfully align; a vibrant personal image is formed, displayed, perceived and marketed upon.  With the right image, branding becomes easier.

Here are a few key ways you can build your Personal Brand successfully:

  1. Understand your image: Every individual has a distinct image; image is not what we perceive of ourselves but what others perceive of us. Whenever we see, meet or interact with someone, we are not only visually seeing them but also forming a robust image of them in our minds. Therefore, before marketing ourselves in any way, establishing clarity of our own image is essential. From the style of your clothes to the way you communicate and the causes you stand up for. Everything you do is sending a message across other people about you. The kind of image that you present in a social setting brings about relative opportunities. One must be extensively mindful of what they want to communicate using their overall personality.
  2. Have a compelling individual story:  Sharing your personal journey can help people resonate with you. Your target audiences will find more value in what you’re trying to offer when they reverberate with your story. Let your story consist of where you come from, what you are, what you are looking to achieve and how.
  3. Be precise with your niche and audience: Reaching larger audiences from various backgrounds can be tempting but excessive diversity in the target groups can lead to bewilderment and may disrupt desired outcomes. Choose the niche that you want to be in, the audience you’d like to cater to and engage with. This allows optimum performance and visibility in your individual brand image.
  4. Add your signature style to the services/content you offer: Whether it is online or offline, people must be able to recognize your essence and originality. The content and service must contain a flavour of your personal touch that sets you apart from the rest.
  5. Illustrate one image at a time: Showcase your target audience with only one image at a specific time, as accepting multiple facets of your personality may be overwhelming to assimilate.  You can be too many things, but one at a time.


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About Author:

Tenzin Chodon is an entrepreneur, international executive coach, presenter, TEDx speaker, communication trainer, author and social worker. She has been in the communications industry for almost a decade and has worked multiple careers within the same field, gaining an enormous amount of experience and expertise.

Tenzin has worked in close association with His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama (Tenzin Gyatso) as a translation-compere and has been a master of ceremonies for several fashion events and shows.  In addition, she is a social worker and activist for children of the deprived communities who have no access to education and opportunities.