(Photo credit should read STR/AFP via Getty Images)

Rithvik Dhanjani is one of the biggest names in the Television industry. A few days ago, his audio series Buri Nazar (evil eye) was released.

We recently interacted with Rithvik and when asked about the response Buri Nazar has received, he said, “It’s slowly picking up and whoever have heard the show really liked it, and of course, fans are lovely. They will always stand by your side, so I am extremely blessed to have this group of people who always support me in everything I do. So, yes, it’s overwhelming.”

When asked if it was difficult for him to perform an audio series as he had to make an impact just with his voice, Rithvik said, “I wouldn’t say difficult because we as actors always act with our voices. But, it was different because I had not done something like this before; plus just being inside a room, narrating an entire script with just voice, and no actors, it’s just you and your mic. So, yes it was a very different experience, but I wouldn’t say difficult.”

When asked if he believes in the concept of buri nazar (evil eye), the actor said, “We all do somewhere. We are Indians and we have this in our conditioning. I don’t actively believe in it; it’s not like if a cat crosses my way, so I would think that my day will be bad. But till now, I am afraid to cut my nails at night time. Since childhood, we have heard that we should not cut the nails at night, so now that’s not my habit.”