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Chinese newspaper praises Modi’s economic strides, growing global clout


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In an unusual acknowledgment, the prominent Beijing-based Chinese media outlet, Global Times, has published an article praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership for India’s remarkable progress in economic development, social governance, and foreign policy.

Penned by Zhang Jiadong, the director of the Centre for South Asian Studies at Fudan University, Shanghai, the article sheds light on India’s impressive accomplishments in the last four years.

The write-up recognises the nation’s robust economic growth, enhancements in urban governance, and a notable shift in its approach to international relations, particularly with China.

“India has made great achievements in economic development and social governance. Its economy has gained momentum and is on track to becoming one of the fastest-growing major economies,” the author notes.

Global Times, a daily newspaper affiliated with The People’s Daily, the official newspaper of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, is internationally monitored for editorials and opinion pieces that offer insights into Beijing’s worldview.

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The Institute of International Studies at Fudan University, listed as a “key cooperative research institute for policy studies” by the Chinese foreign ministry for 2022-24, underscores the significance of Global Times in shaping Chinese perspectives.

This evaluation of India by a prominent Chinese scholar takes place against the backdrop of longstanding border tensions between India and China, including the recent 2017 Doklam standoff.

“For instance, in discussions on the trade imbalance between China and India, Indian representatives previously focused on China’s efforts to address it. However, they now place greater emphasis on India’s export potential,” Jiadong notes.

The article particularly praises India for its proactive stance in cultivating a ‘Bharat narrative,’ underscoring the nation’s strategic assurance. “With its rapid economic and social development, India has become more strategically confident and more proactive in creating and developing a “Bharat narrative”,” he wrote.

“In the realms of politics and culture, India has shifted from emphasising its democratic alignment with the West to spotlighting the ‘Indian feature’ of democratic politics. Presently, there is a heightened emphasis on the Indian roots of democratic politics,” the author notes.

He contends that this shift signifies India’s ambition to break free from its historical colonial shadow and establish itself as a global political and cultural influencer.

Moreover, the opinion piece applauds India’s foreign policy strategy under Prime Minister Modi, spotlighting the nation’s multi-alignment approach.

It commends the efforts to strengthen ties with major global powers such as the US, Japan, and Russia, all while maintaining a nuanced stance in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

The article observes a shift in India’s foreign policy strategy, now leaning unmistakably towards a great power approach. “Since Prime Minister Modi took office, he has championed a multi-alignment strategy, advancing India’s relations with the US, Japan, Russia, and other countries, as well as regional organisations,” Jiadong notes.

It highlights that India has long viewed itself as a global power. However, the shift from multi-balancing to multi-alignment occurred less than 10 years ago, and presently, India is swiftly evolving towards a strategy to emerge as a pole in the multipolar world.

In conclusion, the author notes, “It seems that a transformed, stronger, and more assertive India has emerged as a new geopolitical factor that many countries must take into account.”

Global Times’ rare acknowledgment of India’s progress and Prime Minister Modi’s strategic vision signals the increasing recognition of India’s expanding global influence and the impact of its assertive stance on the international stage.


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