The movie is about Siddharth, a 23 year young Amazon/Flipkart delivery boy. During a delivery he finds a lady is brutally murdered. He gets a threatening call from an unknown caller at the spot. The caller gives Siddharth a week’s time to pick up the deliveries from various places like bank, ashram, a party. During these pickups, what unfold are the linked connections of the diplomats; a top notch banker, industrialists, educationist, minister, the truth of political rivalry, greed and corruption. Aditi, Siddharth’s lover who is also a computer engineer, helps to decode this puzzled link. Meanwhile, he also intersects with a group of Bharwads who indirectly save him from the worst situations. Between these events, he goes through many shocking revelations, betrayals, political pressures etc. But finally with his smartness, spontaneity and with the help of Aditi, he becomes successful in escaping the entire trap, abducting the culprits and solves all his problems. Lead Actor Malhar Thakar, Vyoma Nandi, Darshan Jariwala, Anang Desai.