(Photo by JUNG YEON-JE/AFP via Getty Images)

South Korean boy band BTS has huge fan following in India. Their fans are known as ARMY and as India battles with the second wave of Covid-19, the band has a message for them

V, a member of the band, told PTI, “Our prayers are with India. Stay strong ARMY and let’s never lose hope.”  Recently, the band released a song titled Butter which has received a great response.

When asked about the idea behind this single, Jimin (25) said, “We wanted a summer song that we can enjoy together with ARMY and everyone. And ‘Butter’ was the perfect fit.”

“It’s a song brimming with the charms of BTS, so I hope everyone enjoys it!” V added.

The group performed Butter at the recently held Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs). While talking about performing at the awards, Suga stated,  “One of the most memorable moments last year was when we got our first number one song on the Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. So it’s an honour to perform Butter for the first time at the awards show that bears such a special meaning for us,” the 28-year-old added.  Jung Kook, the youngest BTS member, said he hopes ARMY likes their act.

“As we always do, we prepared a spectacular performance for this year’s BBMAs too. So I hope our fans like it,” Jung Kook added.

BTS debuted in 2013 and to mark their eighth anniversary, the group announced a special two-day event, ‘BTS 2021 Muster SOWOOZOO’ in June.  When asked how the future looks for the band, Suga said, “We want to connect with everyone around the world with great music and stages, and keep going as a group.”