Akshay Kharodia is currently seen as one of the leads in the TV show Pandya Store. The actor has been a part of many advertisements and has also worked with megastar Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan in one of the commercials.

We recently interacted with Akshay and when we asked him about his experience of working with Big B, the actor stated, “It was great, I have no words. I was seeing the whole Bollywood in front of me. When he was there I was just recalling all his films in front of my eyes. He is such a good person; he gave me a lot of blessings. He is very good and very energetic, and at this age he is very passionate about the work. He was like a motivation on the shoot.”

“Young generation actors show a lot of tantrums like after one shot they go in their vanity and then people have to call them that please come your shot is ready. Amitabh sir was on set from morning till evening. They just went for lunch; otherwise he was there on the set. He was chilling with us, we were having a good time. Jaya Bachchan ma’am was also superb, it was really good to work with her,” he added.

Due to the lockdown in Maharashtra, the shooting of the TV shows have been shifted to other states. The shooting of Pandya Store was taking place in Rajasthan, but it is once again put on a hold.

While talking about the shoot of the show, Akshay told us, “No, right now, we have stopped the shooting because in Rajasthan also they have announced a complete lockdown. So, we all are back to our places and once lockdown will open we will start the shooting again. We do have a lot of bank (episodes), but we are hoping that the lockdown will get over soon. We are just waiting for it.”