Thursday, 26th October 2017
Central London



“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities” – Stephen Covey

Diversity matters. It matters now perhaps more than ever not just because diversity is critical for an organisation’s ability to innovate and adapt, but because it is crucial to building an inclusive society. Diversity is essential to growth and prosperity of organisations because a diversity of perspectives, experiences, cultures, genders, and age reap untold benefits. Diversity breeds innovation. And innovation breeds business success. And in a modern, post Brexit Britain, diversity is more important than ever as the country carves out a new place in the world. Asian Media Group, Britain’s biggest Asian publishing house will host its inaugural GG2 Diversity Conference on 26th October in Central London.

The conference will explore diversity and inclusion through the experiences of some of the country’s most inspiring leaders. Learn how to leverage diversity within your organisation and create an environment where all talents flourish.

Our speakers will approach each topic through an Asian and ethnic minority lens and impart key learnings for you take back to your organisation. We have secured some of the top Asian and ethnic minority executives across the UK who will share their personal journeys and give live examples of bringing about change within organisations to make them more relevant in today’s society.

We will be inviting public and private sector organisations to participate in the conference and expect over 200 delegates.