North-East India can be termed to be a scenic beauty especially with the cities and villages having established on the vales and valleys of the majestic Himalayas. The very backdrop of this gigantic mountain is what excites and interests tourists from all parts of the globe to come here to enjoy what is there to offer. One such city located in Sikkim and its capital is Gangtok that offers tourists with surreal sceneries that can be shared with friends and colleagues back home.

Top things to do when in Gangtok

  • Yak Safari:Taking a ride on the Yak is indeed a unique experience for any traveller. The exciting ride will slowly, but steadily and safely take you to different places around, with you only needed to hold onto the mountain animal’s hump tightly. You get to move through the rough, craggy terrain and check out the region’s angelic beauty. This safari is conducted in various parts of the state and is sure to be an unforgettable experience. Some of the common trails are Tsomgo Lake and Dzongri area. You cannot miss out that photo session sitting on the yak! Usually, this safari is for 3-5 day itinerary.


  • Cable Ride:This kilometre long, zigzag ride is sure to give you the much needed thrill and starts from Deorali and ends at Tashiling. You get to see the city’s bird eye view. It is undoubtedly rated the top attractions here. This double cable ropeway allows carrying of 24 passengers at the max. No seats can be found inside the cable car. There are three stations in between the ride, with the first being at Deorali close to Institute of Tibetology. Namnang is the second and Tashiling located at the top is the third, close to Secretariat. Although the two way ride is recommended, you are free to disembark just about at any station. The ride does offer some guaranteed awesome views. If you are lucky to experience good weather, you can also enjoy the stunning view of the majestic Khangchendzonga peak.


  • River Rafting:If you are adventurous at heart and want to indulge in something that pumps up your adrenaline, then river rafting at the Teesta River is definitely a great choice. The rapids at Teesta and Rangit rivers have been graded at I-IV international level, thereby making rafting rides here to be among the finest stretches found in the world. River Rangit’s turbulent water combined with multi-dimensional rapids does offer rafters sufficient adventure and challenges. The river has made its course through the valleys and gorges, thereby offering picturesque spectacles. Many campsites are known to have sprung up on the river banks of both Teesta and Rangeet to offer rafters with overnight stays. They provide camping facilities and bonfires along with rafting sessions. Few popular routes are:


  • Dikchu-Kali Johra (approximately 5 hours long)
  • Dikchu-Teesta Bridge (approximately Intermediately long)
  • Makha-Rongpo (Short route)
  • Bordang-Meli (approximately over 5 hours)


  • Mountain Biking:If you love biking in the mountains, then Gangok is a real treat, due to its grueling tracks, which is considered to be a biker’s delight. There are routes which are the likely to trigger up your adrenaline level and provide plenty of thrill and excitement. The activity ranges from the long 15 day trekking and biking expedition to a short 4 day session. Most trails found here have been carved out to ensure that bikers are able to experience the very best of the villages, forests, monasteries, waterfalls, rivers and the region’s biodiversity.


  • G. Marg:It is the main town centre here and you can find tourists flocking here all the time, throughout the year. You can come across several cafes, food joints and restaurants, where you can indulge in lip smacking food. Cottage cheese is a staple here that you can try out. You can enjoy Tibetan cuisine, Sikkimese set meal, momos, Fermented soybean, mushroom kachi and dim sums, etc. Here, you can also find Nepalese, Tibetan and Asian cuisines.


  • Paragliding:If you desire to fly above the mountains and rivers, then this is the place to be. You can get that breath-taking views of the majestic Himalayas and get to see and experience nature up very close. You do not have to be a professional to enjoy paragliding here. You need to identify a good operator who will take of your safety. You will be accompanied by a certified pilot who will take care of the navigation and entire flight. Baliman Dhara is meant for medium fly with an altitude of 1400m and for about 5 to 10 mins, while Reshithang village is for high fly at an altitude of 2200m and for 20 to 30 minutes.


  • Lal Bazaar:This place is the gathering of local farmers and artisans of Sikkim to bargain or sell their commodities or simply to gossip. It is an ideal spot to shop. You can find different ethnic groups coming from different villages on Sundays to sell their wares. From M.G. Marg, this market is very close. Different types of utilities can be found here. As you enter the market by-lanes, you can get to view and smell dried fish, cheese and vegetables. It is indeed an ideal place to take photographs.


  • Tashi View Point:You can get to see the snow-capped mountains very close from this popularly visited view point at Tashi, which is approximately located 8 km from the city of Gangtok. It is an important tourist attraction and does provide exceptional view of the stunning Kanchenjunga peaks on any clear day. This point is also visited to get a glimpse of the gorgeous sunrise and sunset. Opposite side of the mountains is located the Labrang and Phodong monasteries. You are to climb several steep stairs to reach the circular viewing zone. At a time, it can hold easily 15 to 20 visitors. No entry fee will be required. But an extra small amount is to be paid to see the peaks up close using telescopes and binoculars. Capturing the sunrise and sunset rays on the mountains on your camera will be a real treasure.

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